The Coronavirus / COVID-19 Master Guide: Companies Hiring, Remote and In-Person, Side Hustles and Educational Resources for All

List of Companies Hiring – Virtual

The coronavirus outbreak has left literally thousands of people lining up for unemployment in the United States. The mass layoffs throughout the hospitality industry have brought restaurants, hotels as well as a range of other service-based jobs to a grinding halt. 

However, it has also altered the way online retailers, pharmacies, shipping, and teleworking communications companies are hiring. In the wake of this global disaster, these companies have seen a surge in demand for their products and services. 

Since self-isolation and social distancing have become necessary due to the COVID-19 pandemic, online-based services are now increasing their remote job offerings. This trend has provided some relief for people that need immediate work. Not only are most of their staff members working from home, but they are hiring new employees for remote positions too. 

For many, working remotely is a tempting solution, not only when social distancing is so crucial, but as a regular full-time job as well. While there are certain challenges to finding a remote position that suits your needs, here is some information to get you started on the right foot. Listed are some companies that are currently hiring virtual employees:

Companies That Are Hiring Remote Workers

1. Amazon

The largest online retailer in the world began in Jeff Bezos’ garage, but it now has a global presence. Through its online market platform, the company offers e-books, furniture, apparel, household items, music, movies, electronics, and an impressive selection of other household and consumer products.

Number of Remote Hires – N/A. The company is hiring for positions such as senior solutions architect, software development engineer, as well as digital platform marketing leader. They also have a virtual customer service program hiring remote workers.

2. Intuit

This company created TurboTax, the tax software program, and QuickBooks, the business software program. It has 9,000 employees globally and is one of the best companies to work with, as per Fortune Magazine.

Number of Remote Hires N/A- The company is hiring full-time telecommute posts for tax specialists, including certified enrolled agents or public accountants, to provide the company’s customers with tax advice. They also hire tax specialists for seasonal work-at-home positions.


3. Aetna

This is a Hartford, Connecticut-based healthcare Benefits Company. It is a highly regarded operator in the healthcare industry by Fortune Magazine.

Number of Remote Hires N/A- The company is hiring various professionals for remote work, including clinical case manager, broker manager, and senior account executive. Though the company offers remote work only after employees have worked at their physical locations for some time, the current situation is seeing them offering virtual job offers now.

4. UnitedHealth Group

The company provides healthcare benefits for various companies & their employees. They also offer Medicare and state Medicaid plans. 

Number of Remote Hires – While the company is based in Minneapolis, it currently offers a range of remote jobs, including care manager, Medicare consultant, product manager, and reporting analyst. 

Website- UnitedHealth Group

5.  Salesforce

This is a leading customer relationship management software company. Its cloud-based platform enables businesses to manage as well as analyze customer activity. World-renowned companies such as T-Mobile, U.S. Bank, and Adidas, use the platform.

Number of Remote Hires– N/A- Recent Salesforce work-at-home job listings include software engineer, build engineer, account executive, and account manager.


6. Williams-Sonoma

The company was founded in the year 1956. It sells a wide range of high-grade home products and operates Pottery Barn, Rejuvenation West Elm, as well as Mark and Graham. It also operates its Williams-Sonoma brand of stores. 

Number of Remote Hires- N/A- Many of the company’s home-based jobs include call center customer service positions. They don’t need more than a high school degree for these jobs, and the company offers benefits, including a 401(k) retirement plan and health insurance.

Website- Williams-Sonoma

7. Anthem

This company is headquartered in Indianapolis and is one of the topmost health insurance providers in the United States. It offers Medicare, Medicaid, and Individual and Family Insurance plans. 

Number of Remote Hires- N/A- It offers various work-at-home positions, including case manager. The other remote work listings the company has include account and program director, business improvement consultant, account, and marketing director.

Website- Anthem

8. Xerox

This is a Fortune 500 company that is well-known for its copiers and office printers. It also focuses very heavily on research and the innovation of various business technologies. JUST Capital’s JUST 100 and Forbes lists list has named it as a company that outperforms peers in worker treatment and pay. 

Number of Remote Hires – N/A- Many of the company’s recent job listings have been remote positions. These include account operations manager and client manager positions. 


9. Humana

This company is based in Louisville, Kentucky, and is one of the most reputed and the largest health insurance providers within the U.S. It offers Medicare and group health insurance plans and the TRICARE  program that is for retired and active-duty military members as well as their families.

Number of Remote Hires- N/A- Many of the company’s jobs are remote positions. These require registered nurse experience. Numerous sales positions are also remote jobs, but the employees need to be living in certain areas and cities.

Website- Humana

These are just some of the companies that list remote jobs, and some others include-

Depending on your experience and the field that you work in, you would be able to find some remote work that suits your immediate needs. In these times, when having a job is of utmost importance, the fact that so many reputable, global companies offer remote job options.

It’s a good idea to conduct some research on the companies, visit their websites and check which positions they have listed currently. Most companies have a careers page, and you can browse through that to find what you are looking for. With some luck, you would be able to find a remote work job that suits your skillset and sees you through these trying times. 

List Of Companies Hiring – IN-PERSON

Photo by H Shaw on Unsplash

Over the past two to three weeks, we have seen the COVID-19 pandemic billow and envelop the entire nation. No one is spared, and people from all walks of life from various parts of the country have been infected. While some have recovered, others have succumbed to the dreaded virus. But these aren’t the only casualties of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Many big and small businesses across the country have either closed are closed or are reducing their hours and staff. This has affected millions of people throughout the U.S. who fear getting infected but fear the thought of being jobless even more.

So, is it true that all businesses have stopped their work? And is there no hope for people that now find themselves unemployed? Can the people that are looking for jobs now, find something to hold them while the coronavirus cloud looms large over the nation?

Companies That Are Hiring In Person 

Expert job analysts say that while the situation is worrisome, many companies are still hiring at their physical locations.

1. 7-Eleven

This is the United States’ largest convenience store chain. This innovative company has grown to be a force to reckon with, in this space. They offer iconic products that are a significant part of the culture in our country. The company has always focused on making life easy for its customers.

Number of Hires- 20,000 jobs that range from delivery positions to in-store jobs

2. Aldi 

This is undoubtedly one of the favorite grocery stores in the United States. They have award-winning products known for their value and outstanding quality. The company’s first location opened in the year 1976 in Iowa, and today they operate over 1,800 stores throughout the U.S., serving more than 45 million customers each month.

Number of Hires- 5,000 open positions, most of which are based in the retail stores. However, some openings are also open in fields including I.T., public relations, and human resources.


3. Albertsons

This grocery chain includes Albertsons, Vons, Jewel-Osco, Safeway, Shaw’s, Randalls, Acme, Tom Thumb, Haggen, Pavilions United Supermarkets, Star Market, and Carrs. The company is currently working with various foodservice and hospitality companies that have furloughed workers.

Number of HiresRoughly 30,000 temporary jobs


4. Amazon 

The company has one of the biggest online marketplaces in the world. It has a presence in at least 58 countries. It sells millions of consumer products and other goods ranging from categories like home improvement, office supplies, fashion goods, baby products, toys, sports goods, and almost everything else you can think of.

Number of Hires-100,000 workers. Most are needed as delivery workers and in warehouses.

Website- Amazon

5. CVS

CVS Health is a unique health care company focused on ensuring that patients get the kind of care they require through a channel that is best suited to their needs. They have walk-in clinics, local care teams, retail pharmacies, health hubs, care management services, and more.

Number of Hires – 50,000. The roles include home delivery drivers, store associates, member/customer service professionals, and distribution center employees.

Website- CVS Health

6. Dollar General 

Dollar General helps millions of shoppers across the country save money and time. They offer frequently used products such as snacks, beauty aids, health aids, foods, seasonal items, housewares, and apparel too. They sell these products at very affordable rates, and their stores are very conveniently located in neighborhoods in 45 states in the United States.

Number of Hires – 50,000 (mostly temporary) job positions. These are now being opened up to ensure the discount chain can run its operations even in these times. They have doubled their hiring rate and are looking to fill these jobs by April-end.

WebsiteDollar General

7. Dollar Tree/Family Dollar

This value variety chain store offers a wide variety of merchandise, including various trusted regional and national brands. They have a wide range of product categories, including housewares, dinnerware, glassware, candy, snacks, food, and cleaning supplies. The company also offers toys, gifts, health and beauty, gift bags and wrap, stationery, craft supplies, party supplies teaching supplies, seasonal décor, books, and more.

Number of Hires- 25,000 full & part-time associates. These workers are required in distribution roles and to support in-store in the company’s more than 15,000 locations. 

Website- Dollar Tree/Family Dollar

8. Dominoes 

Founded in 1960, Domino’s was founded in 1960, and today it is the largest pizza delivery company in the world. They operate a network of franchise-owned and company-owned stored in the U.S. and various other countries around the globe.

Number of Hires Needed- 10,000 employees for roles including customer service reps, delivery drivers and pizza makers. The company is also looking for experienced Class A CDL drivers so that their supply chains run seamlessly. 


9. G.E. Healthcare

This healthcare company makes healthcare more dynamic, intelligent, and accessible. Their products cater to professionals and clinicians on the frontlines that deliver healthcare to communities and patients. The company builds intelligent devices, applications, and data analytics systems so that these professionals can work efficiently and with much better outcomes. 

Number of Hires– Visit Website 

Website- G.E. Healthcare

Other Companies that are Hiring In-Person 

These are just some of the many companies that are hiring in person at the moment. Some of the other notable companies out there that are hiring either in full or part-time workers in varying numbers include:

As you can see, most of these big names from various sectors have openings for either full or part-time positions. Since they have locations in multiple regions and states, it’s a good idea to visit the company website you wish to apply to, for detailed information about roles, responsibilities, and remuneration.

In troubled times, when companies like these open up positions in various fields and locations, it comes as a ray of hope for many that find themselves jobless. It’s also a relief for people that face the possibility of losing their jobs due to the projected downtrend in the economy.

List Of Potential Side Hustles

Photo by Christina @ on Unsplash

The stock market is in a state of disarray. Fears of COVID-19 and its repercussions on not just the US but the global economy have gotten everyone unsettled. Those who don’t invest in stocks wonder whether they need to be as concerned about the current stock market situation. 

When stock values start to drop 20% or more from the recent values and continue to remain in that position for two months or longer, the period is referred to as a “Bear Market.” Bear markets and the kind of recession we are experiencing now don’t go hand-in-hand, as the former often boosts the latter. And that’s when recessions hit hard, work hours start to get cut, and businesses begin to downsize.

Why Find a Side Hustle?

Throughout the country, many people have either been furloughed from their jobs or already lost them. Everyone has some financial responsibilities, those with families and young kids, more than others. This makes it the right time to find a side hustle

Taking on some additional work if you have a full-time job can be extremely challenging. But in crises such as the current ones, involving yourself in some side hustles you can do from home is probably one of the best ways to tide over these difficult financial times.

Online Side Hustles During COVID-19 Times 

Unfortunately, many side hustles and gigs that would be perfectly doable in regular times, aren’t possible now. The need for self-isolation and social distancing have made it impossible to manage side hustles like babysitting, handling small tasks for people, etc. that would have worked in typical situations. Now, the need of the hour is to find some side hustles that will allow you to maintain social distancing and earn money via online avenues.  

1. Online Tutor

If you have a skill – whether you are a math whiz, can paint like Van Gogh, or play an instrument very well, you might be able to share that knowledge with people that just like you, are in self-isolation as well. Parents find it challenging to tutor their kids, and keeping the little ones busy all day can be quiet a task. It’s why many look for online tutors at times like these. There are many tutoring websites that you register on and choose your hourly rate. has requirements for tutors ranging from Algebra, Statistics, Calculus, and English to Physics, Chemistry AP and Test prep too.  Wyzant offers tutoring services for subjects including Science, Math, and English, test prep, Music, Sports, Accounting, Finance, and more.

Online Tutoring Resources:

You also have the option to advertise your gig on social media platforms like Facebook. Create a short post about the lessons you can teach and post it online.

2. E-commerce

In the last week of Dec 2019, there were only 2,800 US e-commerce job openings listed on ZipRecruiter (the job posting site). Over the last few weeks, it has jumped to six times that number in this sector. A large number of stores, especially the conventionally-run ones, aren’t finding it easy to get business in the current scenario.  

It’s why many small businesses are looking to list items on e-commerce websites like Etsy, eBay, and Amazon. These businesses are looking to hire some temporary help with posting photos or even photoshopping products, creating product descriptions to post online, etc. If you are skilled in any of these, you can find some gigs on these sites. If you are looking to sell handcrafted products or any other goods as a side hustle, you should sign up on Etsy, Amazon or eBay

Ecommerce resources:

3. Give Your Opinions and Get Paid 

Big businesses hire market-research firms that want to get a feel of the market and what consumers are thinking. Participating in in-person focus groups led by moderators, such as ones run by Focus Pointe Global, can easily earn you $50- $750. This company offers opportunities for clinical trials as well as online, app, or telephone surveys.

Companies like Inspired Opinions by Schlesinger and Harris Poll Online offer rewards points redeemable for merchandise and gift cards on sites like Amazon, in exchange for taking online surveys and reviews. Even professionals such as lawyers can find side hustles on sites like Online Jurors, and, where they can provide their opinion on various legal cases. 

Online Opinion and Survey Resources:

4. Sell Your Excess Furniture

If you have a storage unit, garage, or attic filled with furnitures you aren’t using, you should consider selling them on sites like Craigslist. You can list the larger items (free) on the local Craigslist classifieds, and many buyers will contact you. It’s crucial to play it safe and connect with these buyers cautiously. Social distancing is essential, and this may limit how quickly you can sell something, but it’s undoubtedly worth try.  

For online furniture consignments, try websites such as Chairish, which lets you sell your use home décor and vintage/used furniture. You can earn up to 70% of the item’s resale value. If you are in the New York City area, AptDeco is a site where you can sell various used home furnishings. The listings on these sites are free. 

Online Old Furniture Selling Resources:

5. Get Freelance Work

Even today, various non-profit, corporate, and media websites are on the lookout for freelancers to design content, write, or edit. There are many websites where you can sign up and post your profile, listing your skills and apply for gigs that meet your skills.

Freelance Work Resources:

While the coronavirus pandemic has affected many businesses (most of which are in cost-cutting mode), there are jobs and gigs out there you can do based on your skills, experience, and expertise. It’s crucial to be online, register on as many as possible and keep your hands and mind busy with side hustles you can do from home, in these trying times. Stay safe and stay active!

Free Educational Resources

Photo by Christina @ on Unsplash

Being stuck at home and practicing social distancing with the coronavirus threat all around us can take its toll on our physical and mental health. After all, most people generally keep themselves busy either with work or studies and having so much extra time on the hands can be quite tedious after a while.  

But why not look at the other side of the coin and see how best you can make use of this time you have at your disposal? There are so many things out there to learn, and you may have an interest in learning at least some of them. Since everyone is now tightening their purse strings, most may feel they don’t want to spend any money on joining online courses right now. 

But the good news is that there are numerous free educational resources offered by the General Assembly and many Ivy League organizations. The choice of topics and subjects to learn is almost countless, and you are sure to find something that suits your liking. Here is a list of free educational resources you can consider for various online courses and classes.

Free Educational Resources 

1. Class Central 

Class Central truly has an impressive number of free online courses, many of which are from Ivy Leagues. The topics range from literature, women’s studies, coding, and more.

2. Coursera

Many Ivy leagues, educational institutions, companies as well as art schools offer free online courses on Coursera. Specific courses will also give you a certification for a fee.

3. edX

This site has 2500 courses, and you can find everything from world literature to epidemics and more offer by 140 institutions. You can find classes in various languages too.

4. General Assembly 

This site has a Dash program through which it offers free coding classes.

5. Yale 

Yale has various free open online courses, such as literature of John Milton, Roman architecture, and more.  

6. Rosetta Stone 

Rosetta Stone is currently offering three months free to students wanting to learn any language of their choice, during the coronavirus pandemic.

7. American Girl 

This site has online guides and courses like “Taking Care of Others by Taking Care of Ourselves” (for moms) and The Smart Girls’ Guide to Life that is a good source of learning for daughters. 

8. Fender 

Currently, this site is offering users a three-month Fender Play subscription free. This is the company’s learning app for bass, ukulele, and guitar. This platform also has several instructor-guided videos that teach how to play various songs from Sia, Shawn Mends to Led Zeppelin, etc.

9. Khan Academy 

This Academy provides superior world-class education absolutely free for teens and kids across the globe. 

10. Luminous Spaces

If you have an interest in the art of balance in home décor or Feng Shui, you can find free lessons on Luminous Spaces using the code “freeoffice”, for your home office. 

11. Linux 

The company offers free courses via edX and Linux, and you can either brush up your knowledge or learn something new.  

12. Spark Databox 

If programming and coding are your thing, Spark Databox offers a wide range of courses online for free. 

13. Photoshop Training Channel

This site offers free photo editing tutorials, and if you are considering pursuing a new side hustle, you can learn something and get inspired too.

14. Alison 

Alison offers free courses in Google platforms and many more and has certifications available too. 

15. ESL Tongue Twisters 

If English isn’t your first language, you can get some interesting tongue twisters for 30 days, daily.

16. Everydae 

During the coronavirus school-closure, you can get free SAT tutoring for kids in grades 8 through 12 via this site. 

17. Trisha Zemp’s Stop Motion Kids Course

This course is ideal for kids and adults that want to learn how stop motion animation works. If you share her Instagram, you can get the course for free. 

18. PhilanthropyU

This is a free crash course in learning how to give back and how to leave the world better than you found it. 

19. HowStuffWorks

This site has a large number of topics, and you can find something interesting to learn here. Many people want to learn more about handwashing, hand sanitizers, and various other topics relevant to the current situation, and you can find all of that here.

20. The Organizing Formula

Most people have found their lives in a state of disarray and feel that everything is in a mess. If this sounds like you, The Organizing formula is a course available in Spanish and English and you can learn how to get your stuff together. This is a free course offered by Courses by Caroline. 

21. Central Park Tutors

Entertain yourself as well as your kids with puppetry tutorials and puppet-making all for free from Central Park Tutors. They offer a new story character daily.

22. Stop Procrastinating Write Now

This course is free for aspiring writers during the coronavirus pandemic situation. 

23. One Way Journey

This is a free happiness course and is something that we all need a bit of in this challenging time. The course is free and is a refreshing break from the things around us. 

24.  Mind Body Green

This company is offering a free Reiki course, and it will help you learn the art of healing.

25. Vital Transformation 

Eliyahu Jian is offering a course online called Vital Transformation in which you learn how to love yourself because you deserve it. The course is free.  

As you can see, many resources are available that can help you learn something new at a time when everything around you seems to be going awry. Take this time to learn something unique, pick up new skills, and upgrade your knowledge about the world around you. The experience can keep your mind occupied and will also keep you in better spirits. When you are browsing through these sites, you may also come across some other exciting things to learn and do.

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